Golden Visa and Imigration

Portugal has the most attractive immigration program amongst the developed world and its amazingly simple to get a family residency and path to citizenship and all benefits of a European Union Citizen . We are industry experts in this immigration process and are committed to secure for our client’s immigration in the shortest time possible with our inhouse team of consultants and Lawyers GOLDEN VISA advantages:

  • Enables the applicant and family to enter and remain in Portugal or in another European country
  • Gives access to the entre European Union for living and business purposes with open borders through the Schengen zone and all educational and healthcare benefits
  • Enables open access to emerging economies that have with historic links with Portugal
  • Residency qualifies applicant to acquire Portuguese nationality in a relative short period of time
  It is possible to apply for the GOLDEN VISA through the several options below
  • capital transfer to the amount equal to or greater than 1,000,000.00 euros
  • create at least 10 jobs
  • Property acquisition for an amount equal or more than 500,000.00 euros
  • Property acquisition for an amount equal or more than 350,000.00 in rehabilitated zones
  • Capital transfer of an amount of 350,000.00 euros in public or private institutions for scientific research
  • Capital transfer for an amount equal or exceeding 250,000.00 euros for recuperation and maintenance of national cultural heritage
  • Capital transfer in the amount equal or exceeding 350,000.00 euros for the purchase of shares in mutual investment funds for investment in small and medium enterprises

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