Why Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with an amazing lifestyle and nature and has been consistently voted the top destination of Europe and one of the best places to live in the world. The prestigious " National Geographic " and the other travel sites constantly list Portugal as the best country to live in Europe. In Portugal, YOUR family and you will be able to enjoy a fantastic quality of life, an exceptional climate with a rich history, culture and gastronomy. In addition, you will have access to world class healthcare and educational facilities. This all in a safe country with people renowned for their hospitality and friendliness. Here you will feel at home!

Why invest and do business in Portugal?
  • Founding member of the European Economic Community and the European Union;
  • Relative low property prices versus other western European capitals offering excellent value;
  • From 2015 the Portuguese real estate market has recovered and is in the beginning of a cyclical boom;
  • Very Strong democratic institutions and corporate governance;
  • Strong banking system, financially stable and fully integrated economically with the rest of the European Union;
  • Free movement of capital, goods and people within the EU and a custom union;
  • Very strong human resource development and a rising star in information technology and a European IT hub;
  • Transparency, corruption free and a crime free environment voted among the 10 safest countries on the planet;
  • Relative low cost of labour attracts investments in new start-ups across industries;
  • Investor who invests minimum 350000.00 euros can apply for residency status and nationality in 7 years;